Workshops 2020

Warm Data Lab: What Is Essential?

with Nora Bateson and Phoebe Tickell


Warm Data Labs are group processes, which illustrate interdependency and generate understandings of systemic patterns for people with no previous exposure to systems theory. Warm Data Labs enable new societal responses to complex challenges. In the warm data lab during the BCD20 we will explore the question "What is essential?"

On the afternoon of November 2020, you can choose between different workshops (more will be added in the weeks to come):

Annette Birkholz:

Archery as key to true trust & resilience


(Mental) archery is a powerful tool for boosting our personal presence, sharpening our focus & understanding, levering trust & connection and going for personal transformation. This workshop is about taking a stance, becoming visible and at the same time experiencing inner calm and mindfulness. Not only infront of our screen but also together as a group in the virtual space.

Mary Alice Arthur:
So, what's the story now?


While the world seems to be buying into the chaos and catastrophe storyline, it doesn’t have to be the same for us. This is a perfect time to use the power of our collective field to create the stories we want to step into and live in. This is an invitation for some serious fun.


Jouke Kruijer:
Virtual Museum Coaching


The rising use of arts-based methods in organizational development and change, have scholars inquire into how and why these methods work. One of the ways is when essences of a work of art form the basis of learning. This is what this workshop will be about. Google Arts and Culture are developing on-line museum tours of the best museums in the world. I will invite you to choose a work of art from one of these museums and discuss its essence in terms of how you deal with change.

Nik Beeson

The Poetry of Perilous Passages


In this workshop we’ll dive into a poem about crossing a suspension bridge over a raging river in North Ontario. What are the suspension bridge crossings of our lives, organisations and cultures? We’ll explore how the special linguistic intensity, structure, rhythm, imagination and curiosity of poetry can be useful in revealing our own precipices and potentialities. And we’ll get playful with language, and see what emerges from poetically daring into our own perilous passages. 


Jessica Breitenfeld:

Improv: Training: a Mental Attitude with fun & flow


The element of surprise is what connects people and brings forth laughter. Learning how to adapt better while playing games is an excellent way to train the brain in Emotional Intelligence. Comedians like Amy Poehler think and communicate quickly having a trained improv mind. Join a highly interactive workshop on how to Stress Less - with Jess!

Jeanine Jansen:

The Activist's Voice


How to explore diversity and new possibilities from the inside out? Jeanine leads us into her PhD research with the concept of ‘Embodied Polyphony’ by exploring our voices in a playful way. Our voices are a way into our subconscious, the irrational and into what makes us unique a human beings. Better yet, our voices are a relational instrument for transformation. The uglier you sing the better, as long as you bring your passion or curiosity for change.