The Big Udon Noodle Soup for Change


Our master chef Holger will cook together with you. We have chosen a simple recipe which is yummy but can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. We will live stream the preparation of the dish and you can follow the instructions. We'll offer a non-vegetarian and a vegan option. To be prepared, please purchase the following ingredients in an Asia food store or order them online, and keep the kitchen utensils ready.  




Ingredients (serving 1 person)


100g extra firm tofu (the firmer the better)

Any kind of tofu but silk tofu is not suitable

6 TS (tea spoon) of light soy sauce

Dark soy sauce

3 TS of Mirin

Rice vinegar or apple/white wine vinegar

1 TS sesame oil

There is no replacement – this is essential. You can just skip it but you will loose a lot of taste.

1 sachet Dashi Na Moto powder

Ready made Dashi broth (I found it in my health food shop but I am happy with the powder) .

Dashi is essential.

If you are allergic to MSG you can use chicken broth. There are however allegedly MSG free products on the market.

If you are a vegan, choose vegetable broth

S&B Shichimi Toragashi (Japanese seven spices)

Chili powder

200g semi-fresh or 100g dried Udon noodles

Any kind of rice noodles

2 TS of agave syrup

Liquid honey

1 garlic clove


Vegetable cooking oil


A bunch of scallions


A handful of mushrooms, Chinese or European (I prefer fresh Shiitake)


1 egg

(for vegan option just skip this)


Kitchen utensils

2 small chopping plates

1 large chopping plate

a heavy object (for pressing the tofu)

frying pan or wok

large pot

small pot

paper towels

cutting knife

tea spoon

wooden spoon

large bowl


table spoon and/or chop sticks

Ingredients Udon Noodle Soup.pdf
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