Hosting brave and transformative spaces

Masterclass with Mary Alice Arthur

Eike Schmidt, Jakob Kohlbrenner, Ruta Jonuseviciute and Yannis Angelis 
NOVEMBER 4-5, 2019


Wherever change is happening -- face-to-face, online, internally, out in the world -- there is the potential to host spaces that are brave and transformative.

Brave and transformative spaces invite participants to step in with the whole of themselves. They create agency -- not only the ability to take action, but the belief action is possible and it matters. Brave spaces enable us to show up with our vulnerability and also our power. They are transformative because they unleash potential and invite us to co-create new possibilities we are prepared to stand up for. Everyone has the ability to host, but to create brave and transformative spaces takes awareness and skill.


In this two-day master class we will use action learning to deepen our awareness and our practice as a hosting community. We will place the focus on three key components of great hosting -- participation, process and practice.


Participation: We take a close look at what it means to create containers for courage and vulnerability to show up.


Process: We focus on the balance of hosting and harvesting and how working with these complementary viewpoints helps us to choose the process design that enables the magic in the middle.


Practice: We bring it back to the personal to take a look at ourselves as practitioners, and delve into how the inner is of equal or even perhaps more value than the outer, in working on the edge.


During our time together, we will all be hosts and we will all be participants. Please be prepared to be both in action and deeply reflective.


Is this for me? Yes! This if for you if 

  • You're looking for inspiration in your change practice or in the way you work with groups
  • You learn best by experiencing it
  • You know there's a "next level" in your meetings or groups but you don't know what it is or how to reach it
  • You're looking for some simple, but really potent practices to help you take the next step
  • You want to be in practice with a community that will help you be at your best
  • You’re looking for a place to find mates to stay in practice with It’s time to explore the edges, even if you aren’t sure what they are
  • You want to continue the learning in a space that asks you to bring all of you


About Mary Alice Arthur 


Mary Alice is a Story Activist, using story to help create positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times. Her art is in creating brave and transformational spaces where people can find and live into the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. Building the capacity for participatory practice supports people to take back the power of their stories so they can make wiser choices together. She is a sought after process consultant and event host, and an engaging speaker. As an international steward of the Art of Hosting ( she teaches participatory practice around the world. Through Story the Future ( she is spreading the meme of Story Activism, supporting people to develop their skills and practice, and engaging in leading edge conversations about the power and potential in our world. For more on her work and resources to support this book:

About Eike Schmidt (co-facilitator)


Eike studied Environmental and Sustainability Science in Lüneburg, Germany. After completing his studies in Karlskrona with a Master in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, he stayed in Sweden and now lives in Gothenburg. Eike is a process designer and facilitator/host. He hosts trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops and youth events. He is passionate about working with young people as there is so much potential to be unlocked, not only for the benefit of the individual, but also for the world. The topics he is addressing in his work range from sustainability, personal development, coaching, and political education, to spirituality and Qi Gong. Ultimately, Eike believes that we can make the world a more beautiful space when we listen to  the wisdom of our hearts and act from a place of love and connectedness.

About Jakob Kohlbrenner (co-facilitator)


Jakob designs interactive events and engagements in order to support transformative change towards sustainability for individuals and organizations in Germany and around Europe. As a Graphic Facilitator and Generative Scribe he captures the essence of conversations and creates a visual mirror for reflexion and learning. As a facilitator and Art of Hosting practitioner he combines different methods, narratives and ways to engage in a deeper manner to create containers for engagement and conversations. He always seeks for ways to design for strategic harvesting and fruitful sense-making practices to create short and longterm action. 

About Ruta Jonuseviciute (co-facilitator)


Ruta is currently working as IT Project Manager in a corporate environment. Her work in business is formed by principles of Art of Hosting, information system management and psychology studies. For the last 5 years, she is bringing Art of Hosting principles into business in order to implement changes in a sustainable way, make sure that different stakeholders are involved and move teams towards more wise collaboration and decisions. Also, supporting management teams with facilitating different workshops and bringing graphic recording into the business environment.

Ruta believes that it is important to make the business environment more engaging, bring more collaboration and create open and meaningful conversations that lead to commitment and good results. 

About Yannis Angelis (co-facilitator)


Yannis is a Story Practitioner and a Narrative Strategist. He facilitates teams on storytelling, collaboration, deep listening, learning, innovation, and future-making in a disruptive world.

He supervises practitioners, designs and hosts various events on organizational change and personal transformation.

His work is informed by the principles of Gestalt Therapy, Theory U, Narrative Work and the Art of Hosting. His background lays in Gestalt Organizational Development & Change and he is the co-author of the "Transforming Organizations" and "Beyond Storytelling",

2 books that demonstrate how to work with story-based approaches in organizations, and communities.