This year, we will host two events:


1) The In-Presence Festival in Berlin (Nov 5-7, 2021, agenda) and

2) The Virtual Conference (Nov 12-14, 2021, agenda).


We will broadcast a livestream of core parts of The In-Presence Festival. So if you decide not to travel to Berlin, you can still enjoy those parts of the program. 
With both tickets, you will have access to The Virtual Conference. 


The In-Presence Festival: €790 (before Oct 1st, 2021; regular: €950)

With this early bird ticket, you will have a seat for The In-Presence Festival in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Nov 5-7, agenda, venue). As a bonus your ticket will also bring with a ticket to The Virtual Conference (Nov 12-14). Please note that we can only offer a very limited number of 70 tickets for The In-Presence Festival unless the health situation improves radically.

The Virtual Conference: €250 (before Oct 1st, 2021; regular: €350)
With this ticket, you will have access to The Virtual Conference (Nov 12-14, agenda). Additionally, this early bird offer includes access to all broadcasted livestreams of The In-Presence Festival (keynotes and panel discussion). 

Refund policy – our promise

There is no risk for you. We have simplified our refund policy, depending on the ticket that you buy.

Ticket The In-Presence Festival: In case we have to cancel The In-Presence Festival because of a changing public health situation, we will convert your ticket to a ticket for The Virtual Conference and refund the difference between The In-Presence Festival ticket fee and The Virtual Conference ticket fee. If you want to cancel your ticket more than one week before The In-Presence Festival takes place, you will be fully refunded. For cancellations in less than one week before The In-Presence Festival, you will not be refunded, except that you have contracted Covid-19.

Ticket The Virtual Conference: You can cancel your ticket up to four weeks in advance of The In-Presence Festival and you will be fully refunded. There will be no refund for this ticket type if you cancel less than four weeks before The In-Presence Festival takes place.

Our health and hygiene policy – be safe!

We will honour all recommendations and rules of the German Ministry of Health - regarding number of participants, hygiene measures, vaccination requirements and Covid-19 testing but we will go beyond.


We can hardly imagine Berlin Change Days with physical contact among attendees - of course we will appeal to everybody to respect personal boundaries and will find a system to make those boundaries visible, e.g. by distributing key chords in different colours according to preferences regarding distance and physical contact.


We expect that you will arrive with a full vaccination cover and we will ask you to use one of the Covid-19 registration apps for checking in (most likely Luca or something similar). If for medical reasons you cannot be vaccinated, please let us know in advance; bring a fresh PCR test with you and be ready to be tested at our premises with a rapid antigen test.


If the situation in November requires that we wear masks inside - which we hope to avoid - we will supply a fresh mask for everybody every day.