MASTERCLASS: DEEP LISTENING (Holger Nauheimer/Jillian Reilly)
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30-31, 2019 (9am - 5pm each day)
This is not just another conversation class. It is the masterclass for conversation artists. Learn to become more intentional and more impactful when listening to self and to others.



FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2019: Going In

  • 16:00 Opening: Social Mapping: Who is in the room?
  • 16:20: Co create the space
  • 16:35: Meditation
  • 16:40 Welcome & Team Presentation (Holger)
  • 16:50 Learning Journey
  • 17:30 We change the world one room at the time (Phoebe Tickell)
  • 18:00 Pitches of workshops
  • 18:20 Break
  • 18:40 Workshops
  • 20:10 Plenary Session
  • 20:30 End of Day 1

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2019: Going deeper

  • 09:00 Welcome and reflection
  • 10:00 Second round of parallel workshops
  • 11:50 Learning Journey
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 14:15 Third round of parallel workshops
  • 16:30 Learning Journey
  • 16:50 Fourth round of parallel workshops
  • 19:30 Reception & party

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2019: Going forward

  • 09:00 Making sense of our journey
  • 12:00 Closing
  • 13:00 Farewell Lunch



Friday Nov 1, 18:30-20:00

  • Yoga Improv: the Power of Improvising Your Life (Angelique Ruiter and Sarina Bouwhuis)
  • Bridges to safe spaces for appealing learning possibility. How important is physical space? (Madeleine Söderström and Pernilla Fogelqvist)
  • Creating spaces: the space check (Imke Schulz-Hanßen and Lorraine Suxdorf)
  • Creating Safe Spaces: Vulnerable Is the New Strong (Hendryk Obenaus and Jonathan Klodt)
  • Listening catalysing VIRTUAL transformative spaces: YES, it’s possible! (Susanne Conrad and Raquel Ark)
  • The role of Beauty in our physical spaces (Eike Niclas Schmidt)
  • Power of Place (Bettina Römerscheidt)

Saturday, Nov 2, 10:00-11:30 

  • Designing Place and Space as Elements of Effective Change (Doug Gilbert)
  • Bias and Empathy and Change, oh my! Designing fit for humans Change (Myah Rom and Sarah Perryman)
  • Hypnotic Journey Of Inner Spaces (Edo Reitenbach and Ivanina Reitenbach)
  • Remaining present in an Accelerated World: Exploring the Inner Space (Dominic Philippa)
  • Opening the Quantum Space: Resilience and Fluidity in Relationship (Troy Yorke)
  • DB Digital Base: how a new space triggers new work in a corporate world (Janina Schönitz and Lena Kuhlmann)
  • Resonance - designing our cities by exploring our inner spaces (Sonja Hörster)

Saturday, Nov 2, 14:15-15:45

  • To act as an Ensemble (Antje Meyer and Monika Schubert)
  • Grief Spaces (Phoebe Tickell)
  • The rules of engagement where everyone get heard (Sander Huijsen)
  • What if space was the ultimate luxury? (Serena A.Massih)
  • The Change Rebellion (Gilbert Kruidenier and Sarah Glenister)
  • Navigating the complexity of spaces for change (Han Verhoeven and Henk Apeldoorn)
  • Thriving in the Wilderness (Jillian Reilly)

Saturday, Nov 2, 16:50-18:20

  • Let our Inner Voices Sing! Our inner choir on the stage (Jeanine Jansen) 
  • The Grace of Inner Space: The Art of Hosting Yourself (Mary Alice Author)
  • Interactive workshop in virtual 3D environment (Vinzenz Zehmisch)
  • Kill monkey work to collaborate in a better way (Jens Bothmer)
  • Working Out Loud - Self Directed Change on Three Levels (Katharina Krentz)
  • Activity based work - how to construct a new workspace by combining spatial, digital and social solutions (Pertti Siekkinen)
  • Developing a shared experience with the storytelling canvas (Jaana Rasmussen)
  • Digital Storytelling as blended experience of inner, outer and cyber space (Astrid Nierhoff and Mélina Garibyan)

MASTERCLASS: Hosting Brave and Transformative Spaces (Mary Alice Arthur)

NOVEMBER 4-5, 2019 (9am - 5pm each day)

A workshop for all who want to boost their facilitation skills. In this two-day master class we will use action learning to deepen our awareness and our practice as a hosting community. We will place the focus on three key components of great hosting -- participation, process and practice.