BCD21 - Virtual Keynote Preview: Otto Scharmer - The future is already here.


"The social body that was put asleep is reawakening again." Otto Scharmer will be one of our virtual keynote speakers at the hybrid Berlin Change Days 2021. Join our reawakened social body and celebrate with us. 

BCD21 - Virtual Keynote Preview: Meg Wheatley - Who do we choose to be?


Meg Wheatley is a strong voice in times when we seem to loose track and don't know where to go - as activists of change in those times of deep transformation. In this short interview, she quotes Vaclav Havel: "Hope is not the conviction that something will work out well. It is the certainty that something is worth doing, no matter how it turns out." Join the Berlin Change Days 2021 and get in touch with engaging keynotes, interactive workshops and a learning journey. This will be complemented by artistic elements, room for individual contemplation, opportunities for networking with likeminded people, and a celebration of change!

BCD21 - Teaser: Jouke Kruijer - It's the difference.

AGENDA TEASER - In-Presence-Festival

Jouke Krujer - facilitator at the Berlin Change Days '21 - is being confronted with quite a straight question. What is change in a changing world? And his answer is heartwarming straight as well.

BCD21 - Agenda Preview: Agile Truffle Pigs - Admitting is the first step.

AGENDA PREVIEW - In-Presence-Festival

The Agile Truffle Pigs - facilitators at the Berlin Change Days '21 - are being interviewed on resilience. What is resilience? How can I cultivate it?

Ulla Raithel-Beck, Andrea Griesinger and Claudia Weiss are sharing their experiences and insights in a compact and clear-cut way here how you can rise and reinvent during crises. And yet: it's only a preview. You would not wish to miss them at the Berlin Change Days 2021.

BCD21 - Agenda Preview: Sakshi Bansal - Finding new inspiration

AGENDA PREVIEW - In-Presence-Festival

Having worked in multi- and intercultural contexts of people who usually are used to look more for problems than for the solutions, Sakshi Bansal is offering a space where a recovering and inspiring apprach towards the things that people have found a solution for becomes the encouraging centre.

BCD21 - Agenda Preview: Catherine Hayes and "Transition Leadership: Key Practices for Navigating Environments of Continuous Change"

AGENDA PREVIEW - Virtual Conference

Catherine Hayes comes in with more than 17 years of experience in developing organizational performance through leaders. The concept of “Transition Leaders” is not new to her and is currently in demand as it lays the foundations on how to deal with all the uncertainties that surround us. 

During her session, she will reflect on correlate the 3 key factors that influence organizations today (illustrated below): leadership Practices, Operational Functioning, and Transitional Space. Catherine will also hold a workshop that would show participants how to apply “Transition Leadership Principles” through a new organizational change framework.