eBook: Power and Trust

The facilitators of 2017 summarized their inputs and their reflections on the Berlin Change Days 2017 and we are proud to present those proceedings in an ebook which you can download free of charge. Chapters include:


  • Leadership and The ‘Lens of Power (Julie Diamond)
  • Relational Signalling and Trust (Edu van der Werf)
  • Power and trust in a VUCA world: From vertical to horizontal leadership (Kerryn Velleman and Vesa Purokuru)
  • Power Balance – The Dances of Values (Constantin Sander)
  • Respect and Trust (Ute Franzen-Waschke)
  • Trust & Power: from “who do you trust?” to “how do you trust yourself ?” (Nik Beeson)
  • Finding and Changing your Power Trust Balance (Denis Kelly and Marc Van de Velde)
  • Empowering Photography (Eeva-Liisa Vihinen)
  • Leveraging the Art of Human Interaction to Foster
  • Constructive Work Relations Jouke Kruijer and Sylvia Rhode-Liebenau)
  • The power play in change (Sandeep Aujla)
  • Eroding the power from within: activist communication (Esther Barfoot)
  • Two Remedies for VUCA challenges (Dariusz Wylon)
  • The trust factor in the courageous art of juggling (Yannis Angelis)
  • Blockchains,Trust, and Power: Governance Models of the Future (Sari Stenfors)
  • Resentment is keeping us small: to power through forgiveness (Katarina Veselko)



Power and Trust ebook BCD 2017_final.pdf
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