Deep Listening

MASTERCLASS for communication artists

with Holger Nauheimer and Jillian Reilly

October 30-31, 2019 in Berlin

This is not your standard communication course. It is a masterclass for conversation artists. This two days seminar is right for if you want to become more intentional in your listening effort and thus become more effective as a leader, collaborator or consultant. Actually, it helps at home as well.


Listening is the key for building relationships, for leading self, others, businesses and the world. The fundamental reason for broken relationships – at home and at work – is that people don’t listen to each other very well. We know intuitively that we can open the hearts of other people when we listen empathetically. And yet, often we practice this skill only on the first date with a new mate. We know that as leaders we can motivate people when we tap into their purpose. And yet we never ask for that purpose. The truth is that few of us are master listeners. When we are being challenged our self-preservation and self-defence instincts take over, and we erase all that we believe to know about listening. And yet listening is probably the most important skill we need to master in our private and in our working environments.


Holger and Jillian will present their concepts based on latest research. In this highly interactive and experience-oriented workshop you will

  • learn to become more aware of your intention when listening
  • look behind your own curtain: what's hindering you from being an even better listener than you are already?
  • acquire skills and strategies for being more effective in listening depending on the context of the conversation
  • learn to listen to the sound of groups

Content and agenda 

Day 1

  • Noise: What's on your mind? Observe yourself listening
  • Choice: the seven traditions of communication theory and what they tell us about listening
  • Categories: typology of bad listeners
  • Intention: decide to listen and stay with it
  • Focus: learn how to tame your mind

Day 2

  • Inquiry: the best questions to start and develop a conversation
  • Groups: how to understand the sound when facilitating
  • Silence: calm down! Listen!
  • Dialogue: creating beauty and depth in group conversations
  • Destiny: design your path and walk



Watch a 40 minutes recording of a introductory webinar that Holger gave on the same topic earlier this year.

Holger Nauheimer has been inspiring change facilitators for more than 25 years. He is a collector, an explorer, a designer and a teacher who has always been going beyond the edges of the discipline.


His own personal path started at the Horn of Africa where he worked with camel nomads in their strive in dealing with uncertainty. In the 1990ies, he developed his own philosophy on change and published it in the Change Management Toolbook, at that time the only web resource on change and organisational development.


He continues working as an adviser for global profit and non-profit companies and has trained thousands of leaders in how to create productive relationships with their staff.


In 2009, he founded the Berlin Change Days and he offers now his newest insights.

Jillian Reilly is the Global Head of Antacara, a personal development retreat series based in Avignon, France dedicated to helping participants reconnect with their deep sense of purpose in order to lead more courageous lives. Jillian’s work is deeply inspired and influenced by the 25 years she spent in the international non-profit sector, leading community based efforts to change social behavior and develop human potential globally.


A passionate storyteller, Jillian seeks out narratives that challenge our conventional understandings of the world and our place in it. Her journalistic works have been published in the Washington Post, LA Times and Newsweek.


Her memoir, Shame: Confessions of an Aid Worker in Africa, explores the perils of trying to “do good” on a global scale. While her play Pillow Talk seeks to understand the spread of HIV/AIDS across Africa through the intimate lens of human relationships. Jillian’s Courageous Conversations podcast series, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, engages leading South African changemakers in exploring with empathy and authenticity the challenging work of leading everyday social change. 

Jillian made her first successful appearance at the Berlin Change Days in 2018.