We'll meet in a safe place. Here is our COVID policy

  1. We believe firmly that in November face-to-face meetings are possible in Germany if we closely observe government regulations. We have decided to open our doors for fully vaccinated or recovered attendees only, which according to the public regulations in Berlin will enable us to meet without wearing masks or observing distance rules. 
  2. We will ask you to self-test yourself on the first day of the BCD21, before you arrive at the venue. We will distribute self-tests on Friday and Saturday evening, so you can repeat the procedure each morning.
  3. We will meet in a large space (2000 sqm) and we'll admit 99 people maximum.
  4. We will have FFP2 masks available for those who want to be double-safe.
  5. We will apply a system that shows your individual choice of proximity/distance. 
  6. In the very unlikely case that the situation changes and meetings are banned by the local administration, we will convert the in-presence festival to a virtual one and you will be reimbursed the difference between the in-presence and the virtual ticket. Again, we don't believe that will happen.
  7. If you register now and for any reason decide to cancel up to 7 days before the event, you will be fully refunded.
  8. If you come from outside of Germany, please check the official entry regulations
  9. We will review our COVID policy regularly and will change it in light of new developments.