Agility Camp

Agile methods and frameworks: Shape your skills

October 24-25, 2018, Berlin
Ahoy! Berlin, Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin

9am - 5pm


If you are in the change management or organizational development field, you can’t escape the buzz around AGILE TRANSFORMATION. Is this a hype or not? We believe that there is actually a fundamental change going on in organisations and in the profession of change makers. We – as leaders, managers, facilitators – need to change ourselves.


Our training programme will bring you up to speed on the current practice of agile transformation. By applying a mixture of theory background, reflections and experiential learning, you will get an overview and some essential know-how on frameworks and methods.


In summary, you will

  • learn about the background of AGILE,
  • reflect about the potential of agile transformation for organisations including your own, and
  • practice several methods and tools that have proven beneficial for agile teams.

Specific Content:


Day 1

  • Introduction to AGILE. Frameworks, methods, philosophies
  • How does AGILE speak to you and your organisation?
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • New organisational structures and processes
  • Experience a governance meeting in Holacracy


Day 2

  • A full day simulation of Scrum: principles, procedures, roles, meetings, governance. We will immerse ourselves into teamwork based on Scrum
  • The mindset of the agile worker. How our understanding of organisation is changing.
  • Integration with your own work situation


Holger Nauheimer is an internationally known expert on change, leadership and organisational development. As a consultant, he helps large and small companies to take baby steps into the 21st century – or to dare starting a fundamental transformation. He looks at AGILE from a mindset and skills perspective.


Marit Brademann A social and computational scientist, Marit Brademann works with teams on their transition to autonomy, stability and integrated learning. A decade of working experience with small up to corporate organizations across industries of publishing, finances, retail, automotive, e-commerce and software services, she advocates for the integration of traditional techniques with new digital transformation technologies, and the consequences for humans and machines.



Joan Hinterauer is an advocate for decentralized organizational structures based on digital humanism. He works as a consultant and mentor, helping small and large companies developing a sustainable approach for their agile or teal transformation.