Courage and Corporate Activism.
Are you ready?

This year, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Change Days. Yes, time flies - what a great and vibrant tribe we have grown to! We invite you to a special edition of what some people call the "best change management conference in the world".


In 2017 and the years before, we have seen the consolidation and the expansion of the new industrial revolution which had started in the early Nineties of the last century. This revolution which first seemed to be a radical movement of the machines has finally reached the management floor. Everybody cries for change but we must concede that our traditional change management methods have lost their cutting edge - the weapons in our hands are blunt and change is too slow to cope with pressure of the three big external change drivers - technology, demography and new business models. The same is true for changes in society but here we have the additional challenge to fight the armies of the dark forces that have re-emerged from their caves. 


We can't and we don't want to wait for top-down management decrees that order us to change. We must take the change into our own hands. It's time for bottom-up change in organizations!


In the Berlin Change Days 2018 we want to explore how corporate activism can change organizations. And we want to work on an important attitude that we all need to develop: the courage to take the responsibility for the change ahead.


The programme of the #BCD18 has not yet been completed. In February, we will publish a call for workshop proposals and we will have the first draft programme in March 2018.