Building Bridges

During the Berlin Change Days 2020, we want to experience the art of thinking together about how to build bridges for the future. Bridges between the digital and the analogue, agility and waterfall, matrix and functional, change and identity, love and fear, the global and the local level, the generations. Bridges connecting profitability and sustainability. Bridges that aren’t to be built too early, but after confluencing within teams towards Communities and Networks into a CommuniNETeam.


What are the divides which you think need to be bridged? How can we as change makers contribute with our toolset, skillset, mindset and heartset? What methods and frameworks do you apply for building bridges in your scope of work?


Great minds think alike and their brave hearts are the ones to set the pace for deep transformation on a global scale. The Berlin Change Days have always been a special space for a different kind of community of Changemakers. A tribe connecting outstanding and at the same time humble individuals based on all the continents. Unified through a sense of purpose for diverse contexts and needs, that moves our passion to deliver high performance in order to create impact on the deeper rooted levels of humanity. Impact on the individual, organizational and the societal level. Making organisations and this world a better place in many senses is part of this tribe’s mission.


Many signals support the assumption that 2020 will be a special year for change. Together we urgently need to get ready for a decade that is calling for a different way of sense as well as decision making to start acting upon planetary challenges but also of the fundamental transformation that the world of work will undergo. Hence this also holds true for the Berlin Change Days. The 2020 edition will take place in an exciting new and open space that allows for a different design, deeper connection and intentional moments of collaborative confluencing. Expect the unexpected as we want to be building bridges together with you and an extraordinary crowd from around the world.



The deadline for handing in proposals has expired. We will publish the program at the beginning of April 2020. Then is also the time for registration. Bear with us! 

For a taste of the Berlin Change Days, watch a video from the 2018 event.



I would describe the BCD in three words: Wow, wow and wow!


This has been one of the most precious network events, that I have experienced so far!


It was very innovative, fresh and interactive. I enjoyed the fact that knowledge was coming from the group and people who attended were amazing.


I was impressed by the variety of topics relevant to my work and the diversity of people attending.


It's a great event meeting with like minded persons from all over the world. Happy to meet some friends and share life and work experiences every year.


Great conference, amazing people, true conversations.


A place to get new inspiration.


It was a wonderful experience that will inspire me in my work with new ideas and perspectives.


Beautiful hearts coming together and leaving connected, enriched and transformed.


It was such a great opportunity to meet fantastic people and learn new things. It inspired me to think about all the possibilities for change management.


It was an intense time with lots of input and the ability to meet incredible like-minded people. I took a lot of input and impulses with me, as much for my professional development as for my personal development. Thanks a lot for that!


Fantastic people, great venue and an inspirational and diverse program.


Excellent to meet so many like minded professionals and such an excellent cross section of diverse passionate change makers.