May the Force Be with Us.
Courage and Corporate Activism.

This year, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Change Days. Yes, time flies - what a great and vibrant tribe we have grown into! Have you been an attendee of the BCD or a similar event before? If so, what did it take you to translate your learnings into your work environment? Did you feel like you had to climb the barricades to bring your learnings across? We proudly invite you to a special edition of what some people call the "best change management conference in the world".


We live in times of constant changes. Enormous societal and environmental challenges converge with huge business and organisational challenges, which means pressure is building up from all sides. Fortunately, change agents are also standing up everywhere. Whether they are social or environmental activists, social entrepreneurs, empowered citizens, corporate activists or super-rich entrepreneurs that want to do the right thing, change is everywhere. It is a question of connecting the dots. Joining hands and joining forces. And for those, who haven’t yet, of stepping in. According to scientists we only need 10 percent of the population to hold an unshakable belief, for that belief to be adopted by the majority of the society. Okay, so there are many topics, and many different beliefs. But a healthy planet and healthy, happy people that can earn a decent wage in a just society, is what we all want. Right?


Are you ready to step in? This is our wakeup call, we cannot wait for someone telling us to start. We can't and we don't want to wait for top-down management or political decrees that ask us to change. We must take the change into our own hands. It's time for bottom-up change in society and organizations alike! Mahatma Gandhi’s saying: “You must be the change you want to see in the world” is more now appropriate than ever.


In the Berlin Change Days 2018, we will dive deep into the field of corporate and political activism and how this can have an impact on organizations and societies. As it takes courage to climb onto those barricades, we will take time to work on the mind-set and skills we will need for that. In particular we want to work on an attitude that we all need to develop: the courage to take the ownership for the change ahead.


Courage is contagious. One small act of courage can trigger a wave of change beyond the power of individuals. Taking action gives others the permission to do the same. There is no better place to start than within a community of like-minded activists, leaders and change-makers.


Join us for this exciting ride! May the force be with us!