The Berlin Change Days in it’s 9th year has converted into a global, yet tribal event: a place where those who embrace, facilitate and celebrate change meet to network with likeminded people, and to learn and discuss about the latest trends in our field. Society is at a turning point: the old forces of power are clashing with a growing population who want participatory leadership and collaboration. 


The extent of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that affect our lives, our relationships, our organizations, our communities, and the world has reached a level that is nearly impossible to bear. We have no clue about how the world will look like when we meet in October.


But we mustn’t hold our breath for that long, we need to move on. The craft of our profession as change makers and change facilitators is needed more than ever. With our experience, methods and approaches, we can take the lead in restoring trust and shaping power.


Yes, there is lots of work for us to do. As Otto Scharmer wrote in his recent post 2017–Trump–Are We Ready to Rise?:


"2017, I believe, will be a key year—anything is possible, anything can happen, good or bad. ...The root of the word leadership means to cross a threshold. That threshold now is right in front of us…”


As witnesses of the tensions between trust and distrust, the powerful and the powerless, hierarchies and holacracies, empowerment and control, it is up to us to help the world to make sense and make progress. In order to host the discussions that will weave a path through these paradoxes, we first need to understand the conflicting forces ourselves. We would like you to join us in exploring power and empowerment, as well as confidence and control, and to put it into perspective of the future as it emerges in front of our eyes.   


For the BCD17, we want to explore how POWER and TRUST interact in our organisations and and in society. As our context changes, new questions arise for those of us who aim to change the world.


At BCD17 participants can expect to be:

  • Rethinking the role of change-makers today
  • Exploring the shifting dynamics of trust & power
  • Testing out new ways to impact complex systems


We have been able to attract a broad variety of speakers and workshop hosts. The most prominent of all is Julie Diamond who is one of the leading thinkers and practitioners on the subject of power. Julie will give the keynote for this year's BCD, and host a two days post-conference workshop on POWER INTELLIGENCE.